Richest Actors and Actresses

cas33Acting has been acknowledged to be among the most dominated field in the entertainment industry.

For a long period, the filming sector has been considered to be a rewarding career based on different actors wealth status. But what are (the wealthiest actors and actresses in the world?) Here is the list of the 2016 richest Bollywood and Hollywood stars in the world.

1. Jami Gertz (Net Worth- $2 Billion)

The actress was born on October 28, 1965, having a number of cinema projects such as The Lost Boys, Sixteen Candles, Less Than Zero, The Neighbors, and Quicksilve Still Standing, etc. She won the trust of most of her fans with the Less Than Zero release that had a widespread globally within a short period.

2. Jerry Seinfeld (Net Worth- $820 Million)

Seinfeld is popularly known as an American comedian, writer, and actor; with Jerome Allen as his real names. He was born on April 29, 1954, and he was recently listed in the Magazine Foxnews to be among the world’s richest actor possessing fortune attuning to $820 million. His fame has been significantly boosted by the high number of television series he has acted in his career.

3. Shah Rukh Khan (Net Worth- $600 Million)

Coming at the third place is Bollywood’s actor, Shah Rukh Khan. With the $600 million net worth, not only is he a star in Bollywood but also the top of the universe. Shah Rukh is featured in 75+ Hindu films as well as other international ones. He is famous for action, comedy, and romance movies, that have enabled him to bag various throughout his career.

4. Tom Cruise (Net Worth- $480 Million)

Tom Cruise is popular for great stunt and his action. Apart from being the Hollywood action King, he is also well known for being a comedian. He has been accredited to be a multi-talented actor that has starred in most of the top grossing movies.

5. Sandra Bullock (Net Worth- $200 Million)

Sandra Bullock has it all when it comes to fame, wealth, beauty and talent. The actress is known to be the founder of Fortis Films and attuned with an amount of $200 million in her account. The celeb was born on July 26, 1964, and she had her breakthrough into the acting career with her role in Demolition Man.

Other films that she has starred include Speed, Hope Floats, The Net, A Time to Kill, Crash, Miss Congeniality, The Heat and The Proposal, etc. She has been able to secure several award nominations and managed to scoop many of them.

There are various actors and actresses in the filming industry today, with each coming with a different level of possessions. In the question of what (the wealthiest actors and actresses in the world) today are, you have it all here.
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Top Five Things To Consider Before Selecting A Wedding Party Venue

wed1Choosing a wedding party venue is a tedious task among many couples today. It requires you first to come up with a comprehensive budget before you go to the actual process of identifying the venue.

Your decisions are critical to the whole process of determining a wedding party venue. It is everyone`s desire to choose a wedding venue that is well rehearsed at holding weddings and which have a good set record. Therefore, this write-up is solely intended to give you top five things to consider before selecting a wedding party venue.

1.Geographical location of the venue

It is very crucial to identify a location that is easy for all your guests to get to. One of the thresholds of measuring the success of every event is the accessibility of the venue. Therefore, you too have the desire to hold one of the most successful wedding parties. Choose a place that every guest can reach with ease.

Furthermore, if you are considering having your wedding party venue in another city or state, you should have in mind the logistics of getting all guests to the site.

2.Wedding style

What kind of wedding do you intend to hold? Is it a traditional or contemporary wedding party? The kind of wedding party you intend to hold will speak volumes about the type of venue you should choose. You should have in mind the exact time that the wedding party is scheduled to be held, whether at night or day. Therefore, having answered all these questions, you will be in a position to make the best wedding party venue that suits your style.

3.The exact number of guests

You should be able to tell the exact number of people anticipated. Almost all facilities would want you to pay for the services provided basing on the number of persons that will be in attendance. Therefore, it is advisable to have a clear estimate of your guests so that you can be able to choose an ideal venue.

4.Professional help

Before choosing a wedding party site, you should pick a wedding facility that offers full coordination services. They should be able to offer professional assistance in decorations and catering especially if you are a busy person. This will help you make the whole process easier since they will be there to assist you in handling all venue decoration deals.


5.Packing space

Before you selecting a wedding party venue, it is crucial to consider the amount of parking space offered by the facility. Though this could be a less critical issue if you are holding your wedding party outside an urban area, it is advisable always to consider it before choosing your ideal venue.